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We bring deep functional expertise, backed up by a network of resources.



Scott has over 35 years of experience in consulting to top companies around the globe.  In that time, he has encountered a wide range of industries spanning multiple geographies, developed leading-edge strategies, and guided clients through a multitude of operational challenges.  One client CEO describes Scott as the company's "global change agent," a testament to the lasting and high impact relationships Scott develops.

Scott began his consulting career at Bain & Company in Boston.  As a founding member and partner of the Bain Chicago office, Scott also spent time honing his skills in Toronto and San Francisco.  For 17 years, Scott created and implemented superior strategies and solutions for many of the world's most successful businesses in industries such as technology, telecommunications, consumer goods, direct marketing, healthcare, and transportation.

After retiring from the Bain partnership, Scott was encouraged to create a specialty consulting firm by former clients seeking access to his long track record of creating differential results and driving profitable change throughout the entire client organization.  


In co-founding BVS Consult, Inc., Scott's goal is to foster an environment of change aimed at maximizing his clients' strategic initiatives.



Scott is a graduate of the Executive Program at the Darden School of Business and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Political Science from Williams College.

Suzanne has over 25 years of experience in corporate strategy, complex analytics, and digital marketing gained by working with firms ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Starting her career at Bain & Company in San Francisco, Suzanne developed deep experience in designing, creating, and implementing complex analytic tools to support client initiatives.  For clients ranging from local health care providers to global manufacturers to telecommunications and beyond, she helped clients to realize substantial fiscal improvements.


Over the past decade, Suzanne has gone on to co-found two companies.  The first, a digital marketing firm subsequently sold and integrated into a larger marketing firm, was focused on providing Internet-enabled, direct marketing solutions for Fortune 500 clients.  Responsible for all client services and 70% of client revenues, Suzanne managed a full-service, cross-functional team offering clients creative services, project management, program execution, and in-depth results analysis. 


In co-founding BVS Consult, Inc., Suzanne's goal is to guide larger strategic initiatives towards tactical implementation and fiscal viability.  Suzanne manages a team of analysts and programmers to support tool development and integration at client sites.


Suzanne is a graduate of Harvard Business School and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

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